Printer head moves, but laser not firing- RESOLVED

Ok, I have done some searching, and have not found a solid answer as yet.
My Basic unit will cut/engrave proof grade with no problem, but when I try to use custom material/height, the laser does not seem to fire.

-I dont see the tell tale purple inside the laser tube with the custom, as I do the proof grade.
-After the first few attempts, I cleaned the mirrors, camera and lens.
-Bed is out and I used the bed height calculator for material height.

Any info would be great.

hi there. maybe check your settings. you could have it set to like 1% power and it’s just not making much of a mark.


…I swear if thats the issue Im going to quit engraving. lol


thats exactly what it was. Im that guy that didnt check the power button, lol
Thanks for the help.


The set focus tool is awesome for this. You might still need to do a little bit of math just to make sure you have the item in the focus range, but it makes life much simpler (and more accurate).

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soooo glad that helped! i’ve seen people have this exact issue a few times. you’re not alone!

Thank you @edyvetter for the assistance! @gravesly since you were able to get back to printing I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other troubles you can reach back out or post a new topic.