Printer Head Wheel Broke on First Project

Just received and set up my machine. Attempted to do the first project recommended and noticed the vertical lines are wobbly and the printer head was not stable. Noticed a black piece of plastic sitting on crumb tray and upon further inspection saw that one of the printer head wheels was broken into two pieces. I saw a bunch of older posts of users having the same issue. Was this an easy issue to fix for others? I literally just got my machine and couldn’t even make one thing. So disappointing.

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Support will most likely do what they’ve done for the others, they’ll close this thread and continue via e-mail so they can confirm your address and account then send you replacement wheels.

I’d have thought after this much time they’d have gotten through/replaced the bad batch of wheels by now…unless they’re mixed in with a supply of good wheels.


Really sorry to hear you’re having problems, and I’m sure they’ll get you taken care of.

(Did you notice that you have the word “jinx” right there in your user name?) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s a buzz kill, support will get you taken care of and you will be exploring the possibilities soon.
Welcome to the forum jenna, we look forward to see what you make!

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Oh man, that’s a bummer. Once you’re all fixed up you’re gonna have lots of fun! Everyone here is really helpful!

Hi @jennajinxx. I am sincerely sorry that the wheel from your Glowforge broke upon first use. I also saw you had opened an email ticket for this. I responded to confirm some information and make sure you get taken care of. To avoid any miscommunication or confusion, I’ll go ahead and close this thread. I’ll look forward to your response to my email soon. Thanks!