Printer not cutting all the way through on right side

I have had my Glowforge for less than a month now and when I went to print larger images I found that as the printer moves from the left to the right it cuts shallower and shallower to barely making a line on the far right side. I have tried all troubleshooting suggestions and continue to have issues. What could be the problem??

You should contact support. The machine will probably have to be replaced. This has been an issue reported quite a few times. Probable cause is a mirror out of alignment.


What he said. That’s shipping damage, it was probably dropped hard at some point on the way to your house. Glowforge will replace the machine for you at no cost under warranty.


Just as a last ditch check if the window under the left side has any crud on it at all. When the laser energy leaves that window it is an easy jump to the window on the side of head if the head is close (on the left side) and even the slightest amount of crud will not throw off the focus when the head is close but across to the right side it will spread out and deliver less energy where the beam hits the material.

Check to make sure that the beam is not leaving a mark outside the head window and then after cleaning those windows try to cut a bit of scrap on the far right side. If the beam is not aligned it will still be a problem, but that it works at all on the right side tells me the window is messing up the focus is the most likely. Usually (though not always) the beam is misaligned enough to leave a burn mark near the head window.


I had that happen once, it was a little bit of something that got caught under the rubber tray feet and made the tray imperceptibly skewed. worth checking before sending back!

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