Printer not listed for calibration

Iam trying to calibrate my glowfore pro but it is saying my printer is not listed. No printer is listed to select.

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Support will get back to you and be able to help. While waiting for that reply, I suggest using a different browser to open the app.


I just tryed a different browser, same issue. Thank you for your reply

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If you check your network do you see your glowforge connected? If something in your network changed recently that may be a problem

Thank you for your suggestion. I did see my glowforge in my network and it went through the process and said it was connected. I tryed redoing the camera cal again and my printer is still not showing up.

While waiting for Support to help you with this, I suggest you print a few projects so you get an idea of your current alignment situation. Sometimes the lid camera calibration is not even necessary.

Hello @carrie5

Since we are now in contact about this trouble by email, Iā€™m going to go ahead and close out this forum thread.