Printer plate black wheel broken

I’ve had my GF PRO for about 1 1/2 years now…and this black wheel that runs the printer plate back and forth literally just broke in half. I noticed the job was printing shaky and making a weird noise, so I stopped the print and tested the printer head by running it left to right and back and then took the printer head off and the black wheel literally was in half. I do not see this listed as a spare part…any advice?

This post should get the attention of support. They will invoice you for replacement wheels and send them.


Hi @mngrahams I’m sorry to see one of the carriage plate wheels from your Glowforge has broken. I can help you that replaced, and I just sent an email to confirm your information to get new wheels sent out. I’ll go ahead and keep this thread open until I can confirm you have received my email. Thank you!

Some have already been ordered. You can close this thread, thank you.