Printer will not go through start up process

Does anyone know why the printer would no longer go through the startup process?

Do you mean the fan spinning up, the head (lens) clicking, centering the head, etc.?

Can you please be a little more specific about what “startup process” you are referring to? Perhaps you can tell us what specifically you are trying to do and what happens instead. When doing troubleshooting more information is usually better than less.

My GF has been stuck on centering for the past few hours. Have done troubleshooting, nothing seems to work. Waiting to hear from support.
Is that what yours is doing?

Yes, that was only part of the problem. It started with smoke filling the room. I was printing when the room began filling with smoke. I shut it down. And followed the fan maintenance instructions provided through the support chat. I restarted the unit and other than the initial spin up of the fan. That was it. The arm or head did not go through its calibrating stage. Nothing.

On the GUI, it would go back and forth from centering to focusing. I left it on for hours. No luck. Shut it down repeatedly. No luck. Got up early in AM to try again and all I get is “centering/focusing.”

Needless to say, the timing is awful. I am prepping for a HUGE workshop for a school system of 90, 000 students (of course that many won’t be in attendance). The point is that I was making items to serve as “point-makers.” Thankfully, it’s not until Dec 7 but at this rate who knows. Unfortunately, the “dry-run” is tomorrow.

It sounds like in the process of cleaning you may have unseated a ribbon cable connection. If I were you I would carefully inspect every cable connection and verify that they are fully seated.

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Yep, did that…at least 5 times. No luck.

WAIT!!! Hold the phone. I just sprayed each of the five connections with compressed air and rebooted the unit. It went through the calibrating sequence. And back to “burning wood.” Thanks all!! Catastrophe averted. I can now cancel my appointment with my therapist.


I would try logging out of the GFUI, so up where it says the name of your GF, click that and log out. Turn the machine off, and restart your router. Wait until the internet is back up, turn the machine on, and see if it does it’s regular process, but don’t sign back into your account until it goes through the regular process. You may also try physically moving the head of the laser to the center of the machine while it’s off - it’s an old troubleshooting method.

Thanks much. I found out that it was an unseated cable.

Thanks. I did all the troubleshooting techniques several times to no avail.
Support finally came through Friday night 7 pm EST. I have 2 - black cables on the way so I have a spare. I paid for expedited shipping, hopefully I will get confirmation today that they shipped NDA. Hopefully this will fix the issue.

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