Printhead replacement

I’ve tried support chat, email, and phone - I’m trying to find out when a replacement printhead that was promised last week is going to ship? So far I’m out almost $1500 in orders

I got in my replacement print head this past weekend, only 5 days after confirming my information with them via email and letting them know which option I am choosing as far as sending back my current print head.

Which step are you at in the process? I would make sure there is no email in spam requesting you to confirm information.

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Thanks for the info. I was with support on Wed last week. She sent the agreement email that I would return my printhead, which I returned right away. Since then, I’ve heard nothing.

This will open a new ticket and someone there will ask why.

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I am so sorry for the delayed response! That isn’t how we aim to communicate.

I’ve just followed up on your support ticket and am going to close this thread in the meantime. Thanks for letting us know about this!

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