Printing 11" circle on medium acrylic

Hello. I am trying to print 11" circle. I am getting a “no artwork” message.
Max size my machine will print is 10". Suggestions, please and thank you!

Are you trying to cut it out or engrave it? Try making the circle just a smidge under 11" and then position it carefully to fit within the boundaries, if you are going to cut.

If you are engraving, those boundaries can shrink, left and right curtains appear, further in depending on speed of engraving.

11" cut and engrave

I couldn’t do an 11" circle but I could do a 10.95" circle.

Can you show a screen shot of what the interface shows?


Maximum vertical dimension is ~10.978"/278.8mm, a circle of that diamter can be printed on the machine if carefully aligned. The “highest” edge needs to be 0.012"/0.3mm (i.e. you can’t print from 0.)

Doesn’t matter if it’s engraved or cut for vertical dimensions. Engraving only limits the horizontal space available - the “curtains” mentioned above - due to “over run” at the end of each pass.

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Thanks! I will try this.

Thanks! Love the detail. I will try this!

This circle prints fine:

Thanks, again! The best I could get was 275mm. Learned a lot!

Thanks for the answers @marmak3261 and @eflyguy!

@smcarringer It sounds like you got this resolved. If you have other questions, please feel free to start a new topic.

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