Printing Accurate on two sides

Hello! I want to print a fuel dipstick for my friends antique car. Basically a two sided ruler. Want to put empty, 1/4, 1/2 , 3/4 and FULL on one side. And gallon marks on the other.

I know one side will print correct on the first print, but how do I get the second side to print accurately? Do I need to make a jig so it goes in the same place on the bed? Or will the cameras be accurate enough to pull it off?


Make a jig.


FWIW, both of my OEM dipsticks only have markings on one side.

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So you want him to make you a double sided one too? :slight_smile:


How many gallons does the thing hold!??

Pre-WWII cars often had wood dipsticks for fuel

For that matter, the Cessna 150 in which I learned to fly still had dipsticks for the wing tanks. :wink:


oh, and he said that in the OP too, didn’t he…
I’ll take a 3-minute penalty for skimming.


Design it so that it is symmetrical. There will basically be 3 layers (in different colors): a cut layer, a front engrave, and a back engrave. Line them all up and save the SVG.

Load the SVG, and do the settings for the cut and one of the engrave sides. Ignore the engrave on the reverse.

Cut it out, leave the base material in place without moving it and pull the cut piece out. Flip it and put it in the hole left behind and then engrave the reverse side (and ignore the cut and the engrave that was already done).

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The tank holds 31.5 gallons of fuel.

So can I do what gmckayca said can I just do all of the things on one design but different colors? and then choose what part I am printing instead of using layers?

Yeah I have to make everything difficult.

@gmckayca is right…we have a tutorial that demonstrates it here:

Whoops. I have @jbv syndrome. You said fuel right there in the post and I was thinking oil. And thinking dang… quarts might be better than gallons :slight_smile:

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Thanks everyone, I got the design made. Looks really cool. Now to do research on the material. The owner is thinking mahogany. No idea for settings, REALLY high I assume.

Thanks for the tips in this thread, everyone! It sounds like you’re good to go with the design, which is great. I wanted to ask if you still need any help with this.

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email