Printing blurry and double printing

Will print the first one or two fine and then it starts printing blurry and double printing

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The only time I have seen double prints is when there are 2 copies on top of each other. Not doubting what you said, just I’ve not seen a CNC machine do something it wasn’t told to.
What software are you using? Highlight the design and drag it to the side to see if anything is under it.
A picture of the ‘blur’ might be helpful.


Did this behavior start after removing the carriage plate for cleaning the air assist fan or some other physical change to the Glowforge? Does the poor print happen in different parts of the bed or one area only? Photos would be helpful.

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I did remove the carriage plate to do a cleaning, replaced the ribbon and the back belt as well as the right side belt which had a lot of play to it.

Happens in any part of the bed.

Using strictly designs from Glowforge or their fonts. No, this was not 2 copies as I only did the writing once and then tried to print.

That may be your problem. The wheel on the right has a 3mm Allen bolt that you can loosen and slide the wheel to the right, and tighten. It may be a little difficult to hold the wheel hard to the right and tighten the bolt. Get the belt as tight as you can. it would probably help to remove the crumb tray and put a mirror on the bed to see the bolt underneath the gantry.
Don’t remove the bolt, just loosen it enough to slide the wheel.

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This is definitely a belt tension problem.


Giving it a try right now

I did put on a new right side belt and tightened. I think it is a very slight difference in the rear carriage plate wheels. I replaced one that cracked and now that I have taken it off to look at it they have a slight difference so am ordering new wheels. Hopefully this will work!


I tightened it as tight as I could but it still did the same thing. I am ordering new rear carriage plate wheels as I had replaced one and see that it is a very slight difference from the other one. I’m really hoping this is it because if not, I’m stumped. Have put in new lenses, belts, ribbon and carriage plate wheels and good cleaning.

Still the same

Thank You so very much for your help!!! I sure hope the wheels work and will tighten it as tight as I can when I get them.

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Thank you very much for your help and input!! I really appreciate it!

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