Printing fine on GF supplied mats but

Nothing, not even the laser on non GF materials.

Ive got a week old Pro and am branching out into new materials and when I do the laser head moves like it’s cutting/engraving but absolutely nothing is happening, no light, nothing.

Setting for last engrave was for an AR15
Magpul mag 1000/50/34…went for 5:15 and absolutely nothing happened. This was one of a out a half failed attempts, all on my own wood or metal mats.

Any ideas?

Sorry you’ve run into trouble. :confused: The good news is using your own material won’t change things and make the laser not work.

What material is the mag you were trying to engrave and is there a way for you to take a screen shot of the GUI like this? Seeing your who screen can help figure things out sometimes.

GF won’t do anything to any metals except anodized aluminum without some kind of marking agent, just not enough power.

As for the other settings you mention it looks like your speed is too high and your power is too low to have a visible effect. Try slowing down and turning power up.
I hate FB with a passion but I’ve heard there’s a specific GF for gun owners group, they could probably help you with your specific item.


Okay almost certain it was my fault, I was using a non svg image and didn’t wait long enough, my assumption is there was a certain amount of shading naked to my eye and the GF laser was just gong through the motions while not using the actual laser. I let it go the full 6 min and it came out great, strike it up to my lack of patience and ignorance…

As a side note, anyone know if the mats used by glock or magpul are toxic? I know the list of toxic materials but all mag manufacturers ever claim is “polymer”


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