Printing is off

I did the camera calibration, and everything is fine, no changes were made per report. I cleaned all the cameras and removed the tray to be sure nothing under it or if off centered. I am at a lost to what is going on here…CaptureIMG_2529 IMG_2528

I am having the same issue. Almost exactly. It started last week. It seems the print is off to the right and it drifts to the right worse as it goes down the material. Lines are not connecting when they outline an object. I sent a bunch of pictures and screenshots to support last night. I am still waiting on a response.

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For your machine or problem to get attention, you will need to start your own thread as Support only deals with one individual per thread.

I believe you have more than one issue. The lines not connecting has got to be a belt or wheel issue. The alignment is probably a focus thing or the printhead was moved when the machine was turned on.

I did just clean the exhaust fan and had to remove the belt per directions. How do I make sure if its tight enough? What is the other issue and how do I correct it?

Sorry to hear you too are having issues. Hopefully we can both get it corrected.

I did just tighten the belt. Didn’t realize it, but it was drooping quite a bit.

It looks even worse now. : (

Try this:

Edit : i just looked more closely at your most recent photo & i’m no longer seeing the discontinuous lines, so it doesn’t look like a belt problem.

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Having a change like re-attaching the belt would suggest doing the calibration again and always use the set focus before aligning the image where you want it.

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My belt was too tight, I didn’t realize the arm was stuttering when it moved. I loosened it a bit and finally got this-PERFECT!!! Now I need to work on setting up a new vent because the replacement filters are INSANE!! I can’t afford that every time I need a new filter…what a waste of money I spent on the fan, almost $1,000!!


If you use MDF, even as plywood the life of a filter is extremely short. If you are cutting Acrylic the filter will take a lot longer to fill. Different woods act differently, oak being very dirty (but not nearly as bad as MDF) and harder woods like hard maple much less so.

If you can exhaust out a window that will be much better.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.