Printing picture

how to get paper off after printing a picture

A lot of people prefer to use Gorilla Tape. It’s super sticky, you press it down and rub it hard, then peel back at a corner. Masking comes right off.

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The gorilla tape is indeed good for masking removal around intricate cuts or engraves.

However, looking at what you said – picture- I take you to mean a photo.

I have found pictures look best with no masking on that area. Problem with masking is that the lighter burn parts do not make it through the mask, or barely do and leave a gummy residue. Overall, you have lost texture in the final result.

If the design has several engraves and a picture together, you can do it in segments. Just ignore the parts not being used in each particular phase.

Do the engraves with masking on to avoid char.

Do a light score around area where the picture (photo) is and remove the masking from that area.

And finally laser the picture on the exposed wood and do any outer edge cutting left.


Thank you!