Printrbot Shut Down Interview (somewhat old news but still relevant)

This is a great meditation on many aspects of the Glowforge project. Somewhat apples to oranges, but certainly pertaining to fruit economy basics. Brook Drumm by Tom Sanladerer.

Can’t say I never shudder when I hear about projects shutting down.


Inspiring and then sad. Well done video and he sure is authentic. When I got to 5:06 and he said that he shut the cloud service down suddenly because it was costing him 100s of dollars a month, I thought “what!?!?”. Why didn’t he honor his customers by asking if they would be willing to pay for the cloud services to cover his cost and maybe profit? If no interest, then shut it down.

That’s a classic story though of riding demand up and past the peak. Technology is a business that changes so fast…


Hello - great video loved the raw texture.
I watched most of it, in the end it’s the subject I battle with, being honest, when it comes to Brook I get the feeling that he is never genuine or direct.
Example - The biggest issue he faced (it was reported on numerious times) was software, he never took on the problem he always looked to avoid the issue, stating he was in the hardware business - in the end he was hurt by the competition who offered a complete product. I get the feeling he is now after some quick YouTube fame - let see if he uses some of it to pay back to some of his customers he ripped off.

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Well that sucks. I own two of these machines and I always recommended them as a quality starter 3D printer. I was always impressed by the build quality at such a low price point.
Now, I guess I gotta stock up on belts, hot ends, etc!

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