Prints coming out very wrong, duplicating and distorting images

Hi all, I read through a number of posts hoping to find an answer but didn’t have much luck. We cleaned the fans last night (both the main and air assist fans) and when I ran a test print using my most reliable cut it went horribly wrong. The print at the bottom should look like the one above it:

I checked the belts and they seem to be tight enough, maybe a tad looser than I’d like on the carriage plate belt, but the right hand wheel is all the way over to the right. My only thought is whether the left side can be adjusted too?

I tried camera recalibration which is also wonky:

And the precision focus which is actually on par, although the engraving is still distorted:

I’m hoping someone knows what I’ve done wrong and can help me out with this!

There is something wrong with your belt or you have a broken wheel. Put a mirror on the floor of the Glowforge and inspect the belt while the printhead (with the machine turned off) is moved left to right. Are the teeth facing in as they should be? Are there any twists in the belt or debris?

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