Prints take forver to prepare

It seems if my print is going to take more than an hour, glowforge just wont process it. I’ve been making key chains that require a bit more engraving that I usually do, but I can only add about 10 to the bed at a time otherwise it will just be stuck in preparing forever.
Any tips for me?

Are you using vector graphics for the keychains that you’re then engraving?
Are those vectors complicated (i.e., have a lot of control points)?

If so, I’d recommend rasterizing your artwork before uploading to GFUI to engrave. This significantly simplifies things for GFUI and will speed everything up.

If that’s not the case, I’m not sure. If you have an example to share or some screenshots we might be able to help.


I second that… Rasterize the engraves before sending it to the GF. Also eliminates the possibility of stray lines from open paths and such.

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I created it in the GFUI, so I tried exporting and then rasterized the engraves. Do you have any idea how to keep the cut lines and export it all together?

Hmmm… can you screenshot what your GFUI looks like for us?

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