Pro and materials wider than 20"

I imagine roughly pre-cutting L shaped pieces to achieve a total width of larger than 20" and arbitrarily long, so long as the cross sectional width is no more than 20". The piece would be rotated as it gets passed through (imagine how you get a large chair through a narrow doorway).

Will the software handle this the software will be able to recognize rotated pieces in this way without having to split the art into pieces?


We don’t have that in the current plan, but it’s a good idea and we’ll put it in the feature hopper.


As you are working on auto alignment for cutting and engraving using pass-trough for large objects I imagine some sort of compensation for misplacement while moving the material. In that case, wouldn’t it theoretically be possible to do the rotating as mentioned above as the software already has to account for misplacement?

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I hope so, yes, but I’d imagine the programmers would intuitively rely on the lack of rotation beyond some small angle (5 degrees?) to make the registration problem easier.

The width, too could be hard coded to prevent user error (GF positioning itself as an easy vs a do-everything tool).

These are easier to solve before the programming is finished.

Seems to me that rotational recognition of materials would be essential to getting cuts aligned. If you’re passing through a material that is only 5 inches wide and you have to shift it forward, but it is slid forward off square, the software should be able to adjust so your cuts stay true. Without that feature of the camera registration system passthrough becomes a crapshoot, and so essentially worthless.


This is definitely a feature I’d like to see. Thanks for articulating the need for it.