Pro development

A previous poster ranted about the lack of information about the pro unit and I somewhat agree with him since I am a pro purchaser. The question that comes to mind about the pro is, since so little information has been forthcoming about its development, there seems to be a possibility that the pro unit will be delayed. If that happens will the pro buyers be given the option of receiving a standard unit with a pro replacement at a later date?


I don’t think Glowforge has any plans to take back used and abused Basic units and resell them as refurbished units.


According to the last update from @dan , the Pro units are on still on schedule to ship out when the other units do.

Could that change? Of course it could, nothing is guaranteed time-wise. But if the physical units are ready, and all they are waiting on is some last minute software tweaks to bring them up to full Pro functionality, they will probably ship the Pro units out, and you would be able to use them to do all the things the Basic units do, you just wouldn’t have the image “knitting” ability yet from the software for the larger pass-through items.

You would still receive a unit with more power than the Basics, so you could cut the thicker materials that fit in the bed, and run the machine for longer periods of time, with faster results.

Dan has also said before, that if someone decides they want to wait until everything is finished on the unit, they can take the option of delaying the shipment. (That option doesn’t make sense to me, since you could still use it as a more powerful Basic until they get the software finished up, but it is available.) :relaxed:


I think @dan has been pretty consistent that the fundamentals are shared and the Basic getting to “done” takes care of most of the Pro except for the software.

He’s also been confidently asserting that the Pro will ship at the same time as the Basic but the filter may come later.

We haven’t seen a whole Pro in the wild but some Pre-Release units have Pro tubes installed. The hardware is most likely done (as much as the Basic is done). But the software is lagging without a doubt - they’re still getting the Basic software dialed in. That’s okay - that can and will continue to be enhanced and delivered via the cloud.

As a Pre-Release tester I can attest to the quality of what I’m working with now. I’d be glad to take my Pro with only the Basic software now. I’ve got plenty of stuff that the Basic software is sufficient for. The 20% that needs the Pro isn’t that critical and if I need to I’ll tear myself away from the Glowforge and fire up the Redsail (it has an adjustable Z-axis and a pass thru that will accommodate 9" tall material).

I don’t think Pros are in jeopardy. Software or filter is something else.


Thanks, I tend to skim for highlights and missed the fact that some Pre-Release units have Pro tubes. I’ll look a little closer for those reports, as I’ve been on the fence about upgrading for awhile and started to wonder if the Pro could be “too” powerful for some tasks.


We haven’t announced any such plans.


You can always dial down the power, just can’t ever go more than 100% :slight_smile:

Right now they can be a little hot for some engraving because they’ve got some low end throttling going on - there was a software update a week or so ago that had much finer control at low settings that was awesome but they had to pull it back for some more tweaking. The low end on the power spectrum has some great potential based on that tease release :slight_smile:


It really was a tease, wasn’t it? :smiley:

Really beautiful pale, pale, engraving was possible. I called it “ghosting”. It was lighter than a watermark.

Once they float that thru, it will do light work as well. No need to worry about too much power.


Which seems to be a bit of a pity since the majority of orders are for pro units. Then again I suppose they need to get the common baseline right.

Just hope we don’t get the 'if you ordered a pro unit you’ll have to bear with us just 3 more months because there is only one one thing more important to us than to get you your GF soon…"-email (in August). Because there does not seem to be a whole bunch of confidence on the pro side right now.

My 8 year old said she’s moving to the orphanage if the GF does not come in August…


Tough crowd!


I’m almost the opposite. I’ve told my kids that they are going back to the closet under the stairs when the Glowforge arrives.


Yeah she’s been wanting to write to Dan about the delays but I stopped her. I said ‘Sweat-pea, let’s be reasonable. Dan is doing his best.’ She kicked me in the shin and walked away. This was in back in March. 2015. She doesn’t really speak to me anymore. I walk on eggs. We all do. I bought her a car and took her to Disney (Paris). But she wants the GF. I have been protecting the GF team from her. But I can’t hold out much longer.

By the time this message reaches anybody… oh no, here she comes… h-e-l-p!


Dead. Not only do we have assembled here some of the smartest and most artistic people I’ve ever witnessed but also some of the funniest. … You were joking, right? @Duality, Duality… are you okay?


I agree with you. There are some fundamental hardware difference that I would like to hear an update on. The unique piezoelectric cooling system, the modified optics to name a few. @dan had stated that the majority of the purchased units are Pro, so I have expected more Pro specific updates. I would much rather know in advance of delays/hiccups/issues, rather than to hear “Things are good…things are good…delay”. I did appreciate seeing an example of the pass through slot in use and at least hearing that the Pro is on schedule in the April update. I guess a few explicit comments on Pro hardware would be appreciated.

The previous post requesting Pro updates was poorly worded and had a not constructive tone. However, I empathise with his desire to hear from people who work for Glowforge and his desire for more Pro updates.


On this we agree. I like Dan, I think he is fundamentally honest, I just don’t think he fully get that bad news delayed doesn’t get better. Then again, there are competitors to consider as to why some announcements don’t come until they have to. I’d love to see a weekly updated schedule but at this point, I know that this is just not going to happen. I’ve had to remind myself several times that if you can’t live with uncertainty then crowd funding probibly is not for you.


I’m ok for now. I’ve retreated to the closet under the stair… this will be my home until the GF arrives. Hurry up will yous!