Pro Glasses Not Received with Extra Parts Order


I placed a website order (This is NOT my $150 Free Accessories Pack that comes with GF) for additional PG materials as well as an extra set of GF Pro Safety Glasses early last week. When I received the extra materials order on Friday the extra set of Pro Safety Glasses were not in the box, with the extra wood, nor did the packing slip have them listed. My Order however, did/does have them (they were the first thing on the list, as it was really the only thing I needed!). I sent a note to “support” but wanted to see if glasses were shipping in a separate box, or maybe from a different location?

Please advise & Thanks for your help!


I believe I saw that they had temporarily run out of the safety glasses (although I think they’re back in stock now). You might want to check your order to see if they refunded that amount on your original order.


I had ordered them the morning they came back in stock. I was the one that posted to the forum that they were in back in stock, which Dan replied and thanked me for posting.



Oh! So you already would already know then. :smile:


The glasses come from the Milpitas/Sunnyvale shipping center.

The proofgrade materials come from Tennessee iirc.

My glasses came in a completely separate shipment (and a few days earlier since I live in the Bay Area).


Ditto … breathe deeply :sunglasses:


I replied to you on the “glasses are back” thread


While the Proofgrade orders are fulfilled and shipped from a 3rd party in Kentucky (Tennessee?), it might be the case that the glasses (and any other “replacement” parts are fulfilled in CA and would ship separately. Not a certainly, just a SWAG.


I came to check because I didn’t receive mine either. I tried looking at my orders on the site just to make sure it’s on there but I get an error.


Thanks for letting us know @alexmcclure and @alyssa! I see you both already emailed us about this and we’ve sent a response with tracking info for your Pro Safety Glasses.

I’m going to close this topic, if you need anything else go ahead an start a new thread.