Pro Lid height when open?

I’ve recently moved and realized a bit too late I don’t have quite enough space to give the GF it’s own table. Instead I’m designing a standing workbench that can enclose the GF underneath, at least I hope I am. Based on the videos and the listed dimensions I’m calculating that the height of the pro model when the lid is fully open is 36" (GF height of 8.25" plus air filter height of 7" plus depth of lid 20.75"). Is this correct? It wrenches my plans a bit, but I want to be sure before I search for another solution.



I may be wrong, but I seem to remember seeing the lid as opening to about a 45 degree angle, so that should save you on some of that height.


I’ve been scouring videos. I think it opens to 60 degrees. I’d love official confirmation though… (hint @dan :slight_smile:


Same for pro and basic, but I don’t know offhand. Hey @shell, would you mind grabbing a tape measure and checking?

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Thanks in advance @dan and @shell! Additionally, could you measure the air filter height? I don’t think the dimensions on the tech specs page are accurate, or the picture isn’t, because the air filter pictured is definitely not 7 inches tall.


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This weekend is one of the weekends that I get to take a Glowforge home for testing, so I grabbed the measurements. The tip of the lid is approximately 29" above the table when the lid is fully open (almost 90 deg)

(Pardon the mess, I just moved into my new place not long ago and the garage is still a work in progress)

In my garage, my workbenches are custom built and approximately 41" tall off the floor. (They are repurposed IKEA kitchen cabinets on a 2x3 subframe, and heavy duty casters attached to the subframe to allow them to be repositioned and for cleaning of the floor). I am 5’8" in height and at this 41" table height the Glowforge is at a pretty comfortable height to work with and for me to breath down onto the glass at when I watch it engrave and cut. :slight_smile:

Working backwards, the air filter adds less than 7" to the height; and a standard table is 29.5" off the floor.

The table tops on these workbenches are IKEA Gertons (, to give you a picture of how big the Glowforge is. It’s not small.

-=- Terence


Nice workspace. The rolling cart/tables are really swank!


Very nice mobile work benches! Lots of storage. :thumbsup:
The measurements are very helpful Terence, allowing us to visualize the magnitude of that thing, thank you!
Enjoy the 'forge this weekend!


Thanks for the perspective, @terence (and the mini tour of your workspace)! Are those printers you have there Rostoks? My partner built one a few months ago and uses it every day.

What mess? My definition of a mess: a pile of stuff that is unintended and unattended. If it is part of a project, it is not a mess, it is workflow!


you da man

it looks all cute and well placed with your white/translucent bins


I need to laser this to something when I get the Gf.


LOVE it!

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@lcuellar63, @printolaser, @Clone,

Thanks! I am going to do a more in-depth write up of all the garage organization stuff I’m doing on the Glowforge once I have more to show for. Glowforge cut fixtures were used on pre-drilling for the casters on the 2x3 subframes:

And here they are under construction:

It’s actually 2 rolls of cabinets - hence the heavy duty casters. Less used stuff like SAE fasteners, house building tools (fish tape, electrical wiring tools, network cable crimpers, stud finders, plumbing fittings, etc are on the back side).

I’m also in the process of designing and printing (as part of my take-a-glowforge-home-and-bang-on-it test) organizational inserts for these workbenches. No promises as to when I can share more pictures though.

@marmak3261 LOL! The rest of the garage is a disaster. Dan had warned us that any pictures we post may be subjected to CSI like treatment; if you look at the reflections in the window, you can see the rest of the mess. I still have not fully unpacked from moving back at the end of May.

@morganstanfield - They are related to the Rostock that your partner built. I’m actually part of the original team that worked on the first delta-style robots, and those machines are my own design - I did all the mechanical engineering, issued bilingual engineering drawings, vetted vendors, sourced parts, dealt with supply chain headaches, and delivered about 200 machines out of my garage and my buddy’s kitchen and garage. BTW, interesting side story; the first ever delta robot prototype built by Johann was named Rostock, after the town that he was born in. But per Reprap tradition, all official release machines are named after biologists and the name Kossel was picked in honor of Albrecht Kossel, who shares a hometown with Johann!

For me personally, it was a painful lesson that just because you have the engineering chops to build something, doesn’t mean it can be turned into a successful business. I learned that I didn’t have what it takes to run a 3D Printer business and I’m very happy that Glowforge has an amazing team that handles all the aspects of a business that I am very bad at (book keeping, customer service, technical support, etc). (Although, I did walk into my Glowforge interview with one of my printers in tow and that probably did help me land my job here. :-D)).


Thank you for the write up @terence ! That drilling jig is exactly the kind of thing that I plan to put my own GF to work at. Looks like some sturdy construction.

I could show you pictures of a messy shop!

I have no savvy for the day to day aspects of running a business either. I come up with killer ideas & know how to make them, but just don’t have the interest in the rest of it. My hat is off to those that do.


More than anything, the steady stream of amazing new hires at Glowforge has kept me positive in regard to the eventual shipping of the product. Thanks for sharing a bit of your story. Thanks for a great topic.


Thanks for the build pics, very nice work man!
I didn’t realize they were two sided - twice as nice :sunglasses:
When we moved into our new house I had a great time designing the garage and shop layout! A blank canvas to work with.
First thing was to finish the garage with rounded corners and knock-on texture like the house interior. I figured that was the only time that was likely to happen, before I loaded it up with shelving, tools and cars.


Thanks for the measurement! Any possibility we can get a precise height on the air filter? I think my bench idea should work, but I have to be certain.

Also: Is there any reason I couldn’t not open the lid fully? How low can the lid be before it won’t hold itself open?


You could potentially skip using the lid altogether and load things in through the door on the front of the unit

I’d have to check in with @Dan for precise measurements; but I can confirm that it is “less than 7 inches” that it adds to the height.

The hinges are friction hinges; so you do not need to reach a certain angle to have it hold open. I rarely open them beyond 30 degrees myself.