PRO machine with no PRO support, anyone else having issues?!

Where is our CUSTOMER SUPPORT? New PRO machine, tomorrow will be 3 weeks of ownership, going on 5 days down with ZERO support - What to do? I sent them everything they asked for (the pictures) on 5/13/2022 and got an email last night 5/16/2022 asking me if things were ok because they haven’t heard from me in a while, I was blown away…and responded to there email, however, I’m not going to keep trying to contact them cause they will just keep making new tickets and put me at the back of the line. I tried everything I can through the community and I’m not getting anywhere but wasting more materials with trying to recalibrate the camera and trying test prints, etc. I’m now OUT of materials so I’m basically sitting here with a 7K machine with zero answers to any of my issues. I’m tired of using the COMMUNITY as my tech support. I mean 7K and your going to say your under staffed, for 7K you should have 247/365 support. I don’t know what to do at this point I may try and get a refund or get some legal advice on what to do next. I need a solution to this problem ASAP!

I understand your need to vent…but, this entire post is not being heard by anyone in support…only us other users. Sorry for your frustration.


I know I just have no where else to go . I need help and I cant believe I cant get ANY

I NEVER paid this much money and NOT have like 247/365 support

I think that Glowforge needs to read a dictionary and get a full understanding of the word ‘support’, and soon…

That being said, stick to one channel of contact. Pick one of the messages sent to you and reply directly, and only to that message. If you feel like your relationship with Glowforge was a mistake, make sure that you indicate your desire to terminate the relationship in a direct reply.

What I’m experiencing is that the support team is NOT getting my emails , I was just contacted now and trying other options

If you’re using the email link on the support page, they’re getting them. :expressionless:

actually I was just clicking reply to the emails I got from them and they said they never got any responses hmmm

Sounds like it hasn’t gotten better more like worse. there needs to be a better way to contact support instead of just email.

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Wont help if they’re perpetually backlogged.

Got the Printer Head today , Calibrated and ran a test print and have been successful so far, so let me get into it and I’ll let you know what’s good after 24 HRS. but as of now I’m up and running!


Some new stuff we did in the past few days with the new printer head


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