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Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know I’ve read similar stories - my Glowforge isn’t working. I found myself in a similar situation. I purchased my machine in November of 2020 and at the end of January (of 2022) I began to have problems. Things weren’t cutting and so on, until finally it stoped working. I have gone back and forth with multiple Glowforge customer service workers since February 5th. I was sent a black cord; didn’t work and replied with pictures. Checked white cable; replied with pictures. Finally, last night I was told that I have to pay $1125 for a refurbished machine - even though I am still making payments on the one that I have. I’m at a loss - literally!! Any suggestions?

You will need to provide some additional information for anyone here to help you. “how” is it not working?

Sure thing. The camera isn’t moving. It makes the sounds but no movement. On the app it claims that it didn’t take a picture.

In that case, if after changing the lid cable and checking connectors you get that same error, then the machine will need to be replaced. The refurbished price is a lot less than a new machine.


The camera is glued to the lid and doesn’t move. The laser head is probably what you are referring to. It is the black box with the GF logo on top.

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