Pro order shipping ramp?

@dan seems the Pro devices have been stuck shipping Day 1 machines for a while. Would you please share what is causing the delays and when you expect to get past day 1 orders and past week 1?



Purely speculation here, but I imagine the orders were not placed uniformly across the days. @dan could shed some [laser] light on this possibly? It’s quite possible that day #1 accounts for 15% of the Pro :glowforge: orders. I don’t know this for sure. For many of the rest of us, it took a few days to either make the decision or come up with the cash.

The other thing that may be happening (again, I am only speculating), is that production is truly ramping up as with other manufacturing processes. In my experience, the ramp can be due to equipment and personnel limitations, which can be remedied as the process is better understood, equipment installed, and personnel trained. The other cause of ramping I’m familiar with is a simple matter of learned efficiency. A new process is still new, until you become good at it, implement standard work, work out bugs, and discover efficiency opportunities.

With all of that being said, this is just my experience and how I comfort myself that we’ll hit day 15 for pro orders quickly. It’s what I tell myself so I don’t get anxious about my cuddly warm laser not being in my longing arms yet.

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I appreciate the conjecture, fellas, but this was really just an opportunity for @dan (and/or other GF channel personnel) to give some insight as to the most recent delay of the Pro shipping ramp.

If you get a response to this that satisfies you, I will eat my hat.


Agree. The best bet is a carefully crafted, lawyer approved, statement in the next monthly update.


I’ve looked up recipes for edible hats and I’m secretly hoping to lose this bet.


I think a better bet would whether this problems and support post is left open for wild speculation and hand wringing or if it’s locked down quickly with a short non helpful answer.
My money is on the latter.

Keep an eye on the Announcements category for the regular monthly updates. He will either announce that they are still on schedule there to meet the projected target dates, or if there is a change in the schedule, he generally sends those out in email as well as putting it in the Announcements category. :slightly_smiling_face:


Or just moved to everything else. Which it oughta be. But, I won’t take it upon myself to do that.

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For posts where people are genuinely helping each other out, I am frustrated when they get closed prematurely by support. But in this case, it would be perfectly reasonable for GF to say “all the information we can provide is that we’re working on day 1”, because it has been clear through dozens and dozens of threads that you’re not going to wring details of out Dan when he’s not ready to give them to you. P&S is not the same as the other categories, it’s supposed to be where we ask a specific support question and get a response from Glowforge and they close it. It’s almost like they have response time targets they’re trying to hit…

There are plenty of other places we can continue our endless whinging. This is one I won’t be disappointed to see closed.


Could be that Day 1 had thousands of orders, and all other days only had a small number.

I see what your point is however, we don’t know how many units are successfully shipped. But i suspect that day 2, 3, 4 & so on will go much more quickly.

We are all anxious/excited. :slight_smile:


I think day one had something 1000 orders split 50/50. So something like 500 pros.

Other days had much less, so progress will move through them a lot faster but the last five days have something like half of all the orders so they will drag unless they ramp up in the meantime.


I wonder how many day #30 orders there were! I’m guessing there were plenty of people dragging their feet, but ordering on the last day to get the discount. Actually, any information would be awesome!


I was at day 300~ something something… ordered last September.


Probably about half of day1 judging by this graph: generated from a sample of 410 forum visitors.

I would’ve left it to get locked.

No delays - we’re shipping Pro units in increasing volumes right now. I’m afraid we don’t have any interim dates before Oct 31.