Pro Passthrough Lamp Inspiration


Something similar to this seems like a good candidate for the passthrough slot on the pro.

Haven’t noticed too much experimentation with it yet. I s’pose people could be waiting for the software part.


Those are pretty cool. Speaking for myself the lack of software definitely makes you think twice. I also have a ton of projects on my list that I need to knock off , and use for learning, before I feel up to tackling a large project that might get wrecked. That being said I have a growth chart on the list, and the list is slowly getting shorter.


Those are cool. Wish we didn’t have about a billion mosquitos here so I could knock out a couple for our deck. (Hey…maybe with bug zapper lights instead of LEDs!) :smiley:


I think I’ll give a smaller basic version a go, like for a windows lamp or some such.
Should be rather simple using Fusion 360’s sheet metal module.


You could certainly try it in foam board first, that stuff is pretty cheap. I’ve got a 40" x 60" piece, about $13.


These lights are amazing! Yes, starting with a mini would be the way to go … and would still be amazing.


Nice. I have only used the pass-through slot once so far and that was just so I didn’t have to cut down the 12" x 24" BB plywood from Amazon. That project only used a few square inches.


I personally haven’t stuck anything through the pass through slot other than my pinkie when I First unpacked it.
Making this with plywood would be relatively inexpensive but as has already been suggested, I’m not likely to bother with projects requiring the pass through until the software makes it automagic. I’ve got enough to learn right now.


make it out of cardboard and coat it in fiberglass.


I planned on making this my first big project. I have a 4’ box lamp I bought years ago, and it has a busted shade which isn’t replaceable. So I’m going to experiment with patterns on the passthrough and see what I get.

But first, I’ve got a few smaller projects to waste smaller pieces of material screwing things up. :slight_smile:


Those are cool! I tried using the passthrough once, and the visual alignment wasn’t good enough. I had to scrap it and cut it in four passes and glue together (acrylic).