Pro Passthrough Release

Definitely looks like a glitch.

I burned all my Amazon cardboard the other day or I’d try it myself.

thanks. I tried it with that ring as a fill and with it not as a fill and still ended up not getting it to work. I will try your file to see if that helps.

so, 3 more fails. I no longer suspect my file.

Jules file:

A ring of similar size (from the GF premium images) and my square

a newer version of my file (Based on Jules and Evansd2 suggestions) using proofgrade settings for all the activities.

just to see if it was me or the gf processing. I started with a new blank design. Added a large ring shape engrave and a larger square cut, both from the GF UI. Made them big enough that passthrough was needed.

fail again. same result. a solid circle of engraveatude.

Oh, so the filling in is happening after you send the print for Passthrough processing but not before?


Definitely something for the team then.

I have concluded that large filled ring shapes are kryptonite to passthrough for now. For this job, I gave up and replaced the ring shaped engrave with a bunch of concentric circles, scored with a slight defocus. Still printing but looks ok thus far.


I’m in the middle of a 18"x30" cut, and the browser tab crashed. I have 6" left to go. Is there a way that it will still align with the software?

Yay! I’m happy to report that the browser pulled back up on the design, and when the cut was finished, it analyzed it and finished the alignment! Phew~ :laughing:


So, the problem I was having is that it is only cutting through part of the first section and only on the left side as your facing the GF. (as of the 13th, I haven’t tried it since. Right side not at all. if you continue on to the second section (it aligns perfect) it will not cut through at all. It will not save my setting, seems to be doing an auto focus after I set focus and changes setting to the word “CUT”. I use these settings to cut double sided cherry veneer mdf without passthrough all the time. My GF Pro was replaced, other issues, but am having the same issue with the replacement. I have read others with the same issue. This has been an issue for me for about a month now. I have used the passthrough successfully many times. I know this is Beta and I have reported the issues I am having. Just checking if anyone has had this issue and if it’s been resolved for you. ThanksFront Back

Every time I use my pass through setting it will not align after the first part is done. it tells me to align manually, but when I align manually it never cuts where I place it. I have cleaned all the lenses and recalibrated. Why will it not align after my first cut

Possibly a lack of contrast between the cut and the material. It works best with masked or light-colored material, so the camera can find the end of the previous cuts. Some think it also works best when the design is centered, so it’s under the lid camera, but I have never had an issue aligning along the right edge of my crumb tray.

Thank you for the feedback. I have tried no tape, blue tape and the yellow painters tape and neither will align. I have tried both sides as well.

Did you ever figure out what the problem was? i am having the same issue.

have you tried these tips?

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I had my first passthrough failure within the beta last week. It was not crucial. I was cutting a cardboard template with a rectangle around it and the last step, which was only 2 legs and a horizontal line of the rectangle got skipped by the UI. I could solve it by cutting it by hand. Software thought it was done.

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I use the beta a lot and yesterday and today both of my prints failed halfway through. I do the exact same thing frequently. It stops the print and gives me the option to align manually. However, it shows the artwork out of the cutable area. I make it 19.475 (which is what always use) and when it aligns for the next phase it stretches the lines out and won’t continue and I can’t finish it manually without adjusting it.
Everything is lined up and within the margins before it starts.
Basically the preview for the alignment is way off and stretched out so it goes way beyond the printable area. It is always off visually but it works fine. However the outside lines on the preview knock it way out the printable area.

Since the product is no longer in beta, folks can now post in Product and Support or email support for help. I’m going to close this thread since the team is no longer following it and I don’t want folks to have their help requests lost.