Pro Shield Cover & flap

I ordered the pro shield front and back and I was expecting the rubber flap that covers the opening at the front of the Glowforge. Does it really not come with the rubber flap? How do I replace the rubber flap?

My rubber flap was in pretty bad shape, I was able to get a replacement direct from a Glowforge tech ( it cost $20 (plus ridiculous shipping fees)
this is in addition to the new plate ($19) (if also needed)

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Lol. Was there a call out? I have three. I think they tried to send me a set for every pro they’d sent me that didn’t work….


NOW I know who to ask, if I need one!


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I also have 3 sets of the metal ones. One does not even have the engraved ident on it as it was from the first one. If you buy lots of things at once the shipping is not so bad. Even extra proofgrade materials spreads the shipping costs out.

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YUP - i carbo load my orders, to save the $25 I bought a refurb plus to pad my order


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