Pro Shields delivery dates?

Now that the Pros have been delivered with shields for a while, when can I expect mine?

I received my Pro in mid November, missing the pre-install date by around a month.



In on this too - got my glowforge in October but no shields yet, and they would really come in handy.

If you’re really worried about laser escape through the flap when you’re not using the pass through, a strip of the foil tape used to seal your exhaust venting will do the same thing the shields do and is easy enough to remove. Easy to put on too by dropping the door and putting it on the inside so it doesn’t show from outside :slight_smile:


If I was really concerned, I supposed I could just wrap my head in tinfoil, but I am looking for the approved solution.

It’s been a month since they started shipping with new units, so it’s about the time where I would expect them to start sending them out to the rest of us.


Like @Dent I am fine with rolling my own solution (I have the vents sealed with tape right now most of the time) I just want the supported solution that I expected to have in my hands already.

I’m not worried about laser escape, I actually care more about fume exhaust (hence my tape situation). 95% of the time I don’t need the passthrough and I’d prefer to keep it properly sealed at those times.

Curious to hear the GF support response vs. the (helpful) owner feedback.

I expect they’ll be sent after the bulk of the Pro units are shipped (at least domestically). Otherwise they’re using a set that can support a new machine delivery on a delivery that’s already been made.

I’m also betting your official response is going to be “we don’t have a definitive date for that yet but we’ll let you know when we do” :smile:

Great question! I’ll do some research and I’ll follow up when I know more.

It might take about a week–thanks for your patience.

Great news - Pro Shields have just started shipping! If you haven’t received yours by March 1, please post here or email and we’ll follow up.