Pro units seem to be shipping

Just got my shipping notification (6 weeks or so at the outside). I recently upgraded to a PRO unit before the end of the year, so maybe that accounts for it? Anyway - I’m sorry for the folks whose orders seem to keep slipping. Been waiting for a long time, so hope its worth it!! Excited to be getting unit, have a large rolling bench built for it!


They’re worth it. I love my Pro.


All set! Nice press too!
What does your venting solution look like? (I like the shop pictures of peoples setups :+1:)

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Windows to the right. For soldering I just use a floor fan and open a window. I’ll be doing the ghetto vent hose for now!:grinning:

Yeah. The press is a ton (20 tons) of fun!

Thx for asking!


Just re-watched This Old Tony’s build of his hand pumped hydraulic shop press. He really is my favorite metal wrangler. Your carts and press made me think of his shop? Got a metal lathe?

Oh. I’ll have to check him out! No lathe yet🤨. But have a small shop so everything either fits under the benches and or has wheels. Love Kreg system. A bit spendy but no worries ever about bending breaking etc and having something like a Durston mill or press go crashing to the ground!

Check out Kevin Potter too if you are looking for presses etc. Very amazing machinist. PotterUSA.


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I just found him last week and can’t stop watching.

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