Pro Upgrade - No Feedback

Have been trying to upgrade to a Pro since Sep 5th, but the upgrade system was showing incorrect pricing. Emailed support and Rachael indicated she would revert back, never heard anything. I sent another message on Oct 3rd, again she says she will get back to me, nothing yet.

Checked today and the bug appears to be fixed, why no notification? Worst part is that the shipping notification for my US Basic unit ordered during the pre-order campaign is Jan 26 2018 while Pro units ordered after mine will receive shipping notifications before me (re-balancing of production towards Pro).

Can someone please confirm that the upgrade system is working properly, and how an upgrade would impact my delivery date. As per @dan it appears that Pro unit production is scaling up and explains why None Pre-Order US customers are getting shipping dates prior to me, want to ensure that I get pushed up if I upgrade.

Should also note, something is wrong with my account, have a second open order with a bunch additional glow forges in it, hoping this can be cleared up

Should apologies about the tone, just really frustrated with how this story has played out, and the lack of support. Resorting to posting on the forum to ensure its addressed.


Probably makes it clearer to say it doesn’t change your order date. So you come out of the basic line and get inserted into the pro line by your original order date. If people around that date are scheduled to get their pro earlier you should also.

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I am so sorry for the delay. We’ve fixed part of the upgrade problem, but are still working on a fix for another part. I will reach out when you can upgrade with correct pricing.

I’ll update this thread when I have information regarding ship dates and your place in line.

Would it be possible @dan to re-estimate delivery for upgrade by request? If I knew it was going to get here quicker, I would seriously consider upgrading. I am exited about getting a GF so might be worth it.

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I agree with that approach. It’s like if you are in a restaurant and take a #. The first table available that fits what you need after your # comes up should go to you.

There are several people who have upgraded to a Pro, and I know of at least two (me included) whose shipping date is based on them receiving a Basic and not a Pro.

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please let me know if you get a response to this.

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The forecast seems to be different from the shipping information request email. It is my understanding that until you respond to the request either accepting, post-poning or asking for a refund, upgrades or downgrades are possible.

I can only imagine the fright that your upgrade process is getting lost in the static of bugs, shipping delays, and schedule changes. Posting here is a good way to deal with the lack of certainty, especially since now you’ll have other folks wondering about the answer to this question with you to keep you company.

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Thanks for your patience today. Here is an update regarding upgrades and your place in line: If you decide to upgrade your order from a Basic to a Pro, you keep your original order date. All things being equal, we ship orders based on the original order date.

Still, if you change your order, your delivery date might shift based on the rate that Pros and Basics are being built each week. For the past months the factory built more Basics than Pros, but they are shifting distribution to produce more Pros, so Pro units may arrive sooner.

Please note that there may be a delay after changing your order before your estimated shipping date changes.