Pro Version advertised with Air Filter Included but not coming with Airfiler?

Hi all. sharing with you my concern and what is happening with a purchase that i have made and that i am asking support for.

I recently purchased a Glowforge Pro for to main reasons, the Included Air Filter and better Laser, however i did not received the Filter so i asked and i was told it is delayed. Also i was told it was possible to see a tentative date for the shipment for the AirFilter in my profile, but in mine i do not have any specifics about the AirFilter.

I send a mail to support and their response is that i did not ordered and AirFilter. My concern and complain is that the PRO is advertised with the AirFilter…

Attached the description when you click on Compare and clearly specifies the PRO Version comes with the AirFilter Included.

All your advise and support is appreciated. i think this is a great machine but support and sales not very reliable.

Thank you All

The picture shows a filter but the text doesn’t mention it. I think they made a mistake with the picture. The filter is optional and another $1000.

as @palmercr says, i don’t see anything in the description that says a filter comes with the pro. it doesn’t mention filter at all.

now, i do think they should have the same sentence at the end as they do for the basic, which i’m guessing may be what confused you. the pro description doesn’t say “you can get the pro with or without an air filter.” and that’s the option there as well.

that said, when i click on “add order” from the home page, this is what i see:

the air filter is a separate item and automatically checked.

Thanks Parmercr if you read the first paragraph the text says the pro comes with the airfilter included… … Thanks

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Oh I see. I think they made a mistake but in the UK I think they would have to honour it. Probably not in the US though.

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Thanks. I think in the US they must honor it.

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Did you deselect the $995 filter option when going through the checkout process?

I deselected it because it was adding and extra 995 and an EXTRA FILTER. that was my thought when purchasing and after reading the description when clicking in Compare. Thanks

Not a lawyer and I did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, but you have an interesting point.
I wonder how this will play out.


Wait, the ordering system makes the filter optional and you unchecked the air filter right? So they didn’t charge you for it, they adjusted the total price of the unit down to reflect that. (Or they will once they process the order if you haven’t received it yet.)

Is it that you want them to add an air filter back? Since you cancelled that out of the original order, you might want to just wait until they release them and see if you still want one. I cancelled mine right before they shipped the final unit and can easily live with the venting. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes but that page above says the pro comes with an air filer, shows a picture of it with the air filter for $6995, so it isn’t surprising the OP expected it to be included, not extra.

As I recall, this is more or less the history, but I could be misremembering:

When they first went on sale, the Pro came with an air filter (not that it really came with it, you still paid extra, but it was bundled together). At some point, you could order a Pro but cancel or decline the air filter, and it some further point they separated the two. It took a long time for the web site copy to be updated to reflect this, and apparently some of it is still out of date.


Thanks @chirs1 i do not know the history of how the sale of Glowforge started, as a matter of fact i was introduced to Glowforge thorught a website like 1 week ago and i came in and purchased based on what i read and what was in the description that clearly states it comes with an Air Filter.

Thanks a lot !

Section 3 will probably be relevant.

Since you’re a relative newcomer to Glowforge, and as long as we’re talking about air filters, you might find some more information useful as well. Not telling you what to do, just relaying what I think from hanging out on the forum for a couple of years.

A lot of us who ordered machines with air filters got the Glowforge, figured out how to vent it outside, and decided we don’t need the air filter after all. It’s worth considering whether you can make it work in your situation. There’s also the matter of having to buy replacement filters, which I think are expected to be around $250 and might last a year or a couple of months if your usage is heavy. We also have no idea how long it’s going to take to get the filter and how well it will work.

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Thanks @jbmanning5 i am reading and it says

Glowforge reserves the right to determine pricing for the Product and Service, … Glowforge will make reasonable efforts to keep pricing information published on the website up to date. We encourage you to check our website periodically for current pricing information…

i am relying in the website information as it was when i purchased the printer and as it is today.

Thanks a lot

Hi gigin,

Hopefully they will update the website, but I’m pretty sure as chris1 mentioned the filter is now an extra that is pre-selected when you order. If you absolutely require the filter I’d cancel now (or give support until end of day to respond). The Sept 2018 date is their best guess and glowforge has a long history of being very optimistic about their dates. On the other hand, if you can make venting work, or were only worried about getting one versus getting two, my complaints are minor compared to having a laser that just works. I have a laser. It’s great.

Also, you can always reorder. And unless they have changed their policy once it ships there are no refunds.

It’s an awkward wording on the page for “Compare Options” and should be reworded for clarity. However on the order page it does not say that the Air Filter is included with the Pro. Also, we must decline the Filter on the order page and the total is immediately updated . Sorry that it wasn’t clear. Zero chance that the company legally owes a filter.

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@rpegg . i respectfully disagree. in the compare options it clearly say filter is included in the pro version. so when checked in the order page i deselected it because i assumed as per the description is included… there is a page where it says the filter is included and is the Compare one. thanks for the reply

@caribis2 i already received the printer. unfortunately support did not answer the mails i sent as soon as i purchased the printer. thanks for the advise

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You remember it as I do. I ordered the pro as an earlyish preorder, but did not want the filter, you had to remove the filter before checking out. I think I need to send an e-mail to figure out how to do it.