Pro Won't Cut all the way through. no support from glowforge

Hi! I figured I would reach out to the community since support hasn’t gotten back to me in days. My pro won’t cut all the way through my materials. Here are the things I’ve tried to remedy the situation on my own.

-cleaned lenses, mirror, and camera.
-made sure material lays flat on the bed
-made sure the crumb tray in in the appropriate postion
-i’ve used proofgrade material with proofgrade settings to attempt to cut the gift on good measure (didn’t cut)
-I’ve cleaned my fans
-I’ve reached out to glowforge support on Friday, it is now Tuesday.

Does anyone have any additional suggestions? Also, can anyone tell me what the return process looks like? At this point I’d rather spend thousands with a company that will actually help me if I run into a problem. Thanks in advance!

Hi Jordan!

Thank you for reaching out to us via the forum post, and for posting such great information regarding the steps you’ve taken to help narrow down the trouble. I’ve reached out to you directly via email to focus on the next steps forward to get you back up and printing. I’ll close this thread for now, but please let us know if you happen to experience any trouble receiving the messages we’ve sent previously.