Problem cutting

So … it cut the two test cuts (circles) but did not cut oval. What could that be?

Do you have an oval shape and it won’t cut it - or are you trying to figure out how to turn the circle into an oval?

If the former - can you post a screenshot of your GFUI (:glowforge: User Interface) showing everything from your material on the left to the name of your machine on the right?

If the latter - there is a ruler icon in the lower left corner when you have an item selected - click the link in between the length and width section and you can stretch your circle to an oval.

What material are you trying to cut? Can you share a photo of the circles and oval you are speaking of?

also what were you cutting? did the oval shape get ignored?

or it did not cut through?

I had trouble uploading file. Not sure if it will work

> type or paste code here


Hello! @grimmer5906 I am so sorry to hear bout the cutting problem you are having. I noticed you had another forum ticket open for a cutting issue as well. Are these two issues related? It looks like the photo you tried uploading didn’t come through. Could you try that again? I can also move this over to email if that is easier for you?

Let me know and I will be more than happy to help!

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