Problem engraving an svg

I am trying to engrave an .svg of a compass rose. I double checked everything and it looks good. When I go to engrave it, it only does the outer outline, but nothing inside. It shows up on the Glowforge as the entire image to engrave.

All of the strokes are to path within Inkscape and I have saved it a couple different times to see if that makes a difference. Nothing changes.


When it’s in the GFUI is everything on the inside lit up in the correct colours - nothing showing as a red dotted line? If part of the art it outside the print area that will happen.

If you wanted to load your art here - and/or a picture of your GFUI showing everything from the commands on the left to the name of your printer on the right it would help.


In inkscape you can use the command Path>Break Apart to break the design into pieces. All those lines that are doubled will have an inside and outside, if you hide each of those and then use Path> Combine on the parts that need to act together then just those should do that and a look at the fill should be appropriate. If you do not have all the things that are part of the same engrave as the same object your results might be weird.

You can see the first attempt didn’t do the inside. But it looks correct on the screen.

Thank you. I will try your suggestion and see what happens.

A lot of detail may be a different problem. Instead of my suggestion before I would up the LPI to 450 at least. What you have is so light the increased power should also be a benefit so no need to cut that back for the first try .

I would guess that there is a duplicate of the center in your art - if something is duplicated the :glowforge: will cancel it out.


Seconding @deirdrebeth’s doubled up suggestion - that gets me occasionally and always feels alarming.

Since you aren’t cutting anything - you can also rasterize the artwork before sending it to GF, that would eliminate any weird overlap issues.


Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about the trouble @hapidesigns.

Could you share a copy of the file with us?

If you don’t feel comfortable sharing on a public forum, you can always email it to us at

Send us the file and we’ll take a look!

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