Problem Engraving Large JPG's

So, I love this machine, but I’m frustrated. I am having a hard time engraving a large jpg file onto PG Plywood. To me, it’s not too complex of a file and it uploads very quickly, but it fails after processing for about 10-15 minutes. It will finally go if I make it about half it’s size on bed…but I want it to be a certain size. What am I missing? I’ve run into this with multiple files. Can anyone help?


Just guessing based on a similar experience that I had:

Is the JPEG color or grayscale? The user interface interprets color as different elements. E.g., use a red line for cut and grayscale for the engrave. If you picture is in color, then every color becomes a separate step (probably not what you want).

If this is your problem, then convert the JPEG to a grayscale PNG, and upload the PNG. (I use PNG instead of JPEG because JPEG loses quality each time it is saved. PNG doesn’t have that problem.)

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Have you checked the troubleshooting guide? This section may be especially helpful…

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Thanks for the tips everyone…I’m currently waiting for my engraving to process…I split it into 9 different sections with image splitter and am waiting on the SVG to process. We’ll see…been about 15 min so far.

Only vector components of different colors are interpreted into different operations.

Complexity isn’t a huge issue for engravings, I don’t believe (but does come into play). The total motion path is the same whether it’s a black square or a full fidelity picture.

It really comes down to size and LPI - which is total engrave time. You can reduce LPI or you can split the image. Those are about the only two options until they resolve the buffering problems.


You will probably still have issues if you asked it to engrave all 9 sections. Not sure if that’s what you did. The purpose of splitting is to break the engraves into multiple jobs.

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I’m doing them one at a time. It just failed on all 9, so I am ignoring 8 of them and going with one at a time. It’s engraving as we speak. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the answer @jbmanning5, that’s right. @mbargman, were you able to successfully engrave the design when printing one at a time?

I was, but right after engraving, I went to do a cut around the engraving and it wouldn’t scan the material. The unit was making clicking noises like something is stripped. I turned it off for a min and turned it back on and it seems like it doesn’t want to calibrate. It just clicks and the UI says the unit needs calibration. This was around 4:25pm Central time

Thanks for the update. I’m sorry you’ve run into more trouble.

I see you’ve posted a new topic about this issue so we’ll continue working on it there.