Problem getting Living_Hinge to work

Difficulty getting Living_Hinge extension for Inkscape 0.92 working on Windows 10 OS.
In Inkscape, the extension presents the parameter window but after Apply, there are several errors shown in another window. Nothing is drawn.

The inx and py files were just downloaded again and installed in

Many other extensions installed here are working.

Does anyone know what to do to get Living_Hinge working?

I’ve moved this to an appropriate forum, this is not a Glowforge technical support issue.

This thread may help:

(I don’t have it installed so I can’t help directly!)

I had some issues with it too. At first I got a pop-up with what may have been an error or warning, and it didn’t draw anything either. I eventually realized that once that pop-up showed up, it wouldn’t draw anything unless I closed inkscape and reopened it. I am not sure why or what the correct parameters are, but I will say that I could not figure out how to get it to draw the hinge horizontal. I had a lot better luck when I drew a tall vertically oriented box and used that (then rotated after it was done to get the horizontal hinge I wanted).

After drawing a rectangle do NOT convert Object to Path. All my previous attempts had path rectangles.

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