Problem recognizing/selecting proofgrade?

The GFUI keeps telling me I’ve selected a different material than has been detected, even though I’ve selected the material that has been detected. Am I going crazy here?

I’m trying to do a 3d engrave, but that option is not available. Is this why?

Not sure what’s going on, but have you let it re-scan by either opening and closing the lid or clicking the gear icon and forcing a re-scan?

If that doesn’t work, I’d log out of the app, restart the browser, and log back in (no reason to power-cycle the GF).

Best of luck!

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I’ve never received the proofgrade material message you’re showing, but I have noticed that engrave options seem to be dependent on how the image is analyzed by the software. My guess is that to get 3D to appear, the file needs to have color gradients. I once loaded up a file and was provided the photo option. I noticed an error in my file, corrected it and loaded it again. The photo option was gone. I didn’t get it, either.

Probably not, since manually selecting the material should be sufficient (even if you put something else in there).

However, it only offers 3D engrave for Hardwood and Acrylic not Plywood.


Oh yeah, and draftboard, I think.


That’s helpful. Thanks.

Here’s the update where they announced the current 3D engrave settings.


Proofgrade hardwoods, acrylics, and Draftboard all support 3D engraving. Thick materials have a second option, “Deep 3D Engrave”, that uses a second pass of the laser to achieve maximum depth.

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Thanks @dwardio! As for why you’re seeing that message, I’m checking it out!

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I’m sorry I’ve been slow to reply. I’ve seen the same message and have passed the issue on to the team. You can just continue with your material, knowing you’re doing the right thing :slight_smile: