Problem retaining size from illustrator to Glowforge

Hi. I purchased a set of 5 SVG templates for 3D holiday houses. As far as I know, I did everything the same for each one…creating 12”x20” art board, opening file into it, saving as SVG and printing out on Glowforge. The first 2 attempts came out perfect at the 5.5” height shown in illustrator but every attempt since then produces 3” tall houses.

Can someone help me work this out? I searched the forums and already use 12x20” art boards, make sure “responsive” is not checked in illustrator so I’m not sure what is happening during the upload to GF.
Thanks so much in advance!

That doesn’t sound good, you may want to try saving them as PDF format that should take care of the issue. I’m just now sure what would cause a 2.5 in difference I use AI but clueless on this one.

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Thank you. I’ll give saving them as a PDF a shot tonight.

Why do you open them in AI rather than just uploading to the interface since they are already svg files? Also, are you exporting as svg or saving as svg?

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