Problem uploading files to print

Hope this is the correct area, as this is my first post.

Everything has been printing over the last several months, but tonight after getting a message about speeding up the printer, I was no longer able to upload my PDF files, says it is rendering, but just hangs there.

Turned on and off, tried to open old files that worked, but still no go.

This is the correct area.

Have you re-loaded your browser? The changes in the machine also mean changes in the application, so that needs to be reloaded. Just closed, then re-opened. Sometimes people recommend clearing your browser cache as well, although I’ve never needed to do that (Chrome on MacOS)

Yes, I cleared my cache, reloaded several times, tried on both my iPhone and iPad, with the same results.

Can you try an SVG file, perhaps from the “free designs” section here? Just to see if that uploads.

I thought that it was my design and went back to a very small 2"x 2" and it loaded slower than before but it did work. I tried reloading the basic measuring tool from first print, and again it just hung their and became no responsive.

I have clear cache, rebooted computer and all, but it seems to either not want to load, or loads slowly after telling about the design having too many colors, etc, etc.

I am getting frustrated at this point, as I have no way to know if it is my unit, my computer or something else.

I wasted my whole day trying to sort this out and at this point I am going to let it set as an expensive paperweight, I have too much stuff to get done.

I am however open to any and all suggestions on what is the problem, as it is beyond me.

thank you everyone.

I see you have a separate thread on the forum on a similar topic and I’ve added to the discussion there, so I’m going to close this thread.