Problem with an engrave layer

I have an engraving layer that I want to make that is an outline to frame the dots in my design. The lines on the top work great, but the ones in the bottom half are grouping together weird. I’ve attached an Illustrator file and the SVG that I am using. If anyone has any suggestions on how I can fix this I would love to hear.

Horse Race Board Layout (802.5 KB)
Horse Race Board Layout copy

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Ignore the laser. LOL. I’m working on this from work and the correct material isn’t loaded.

Open the file in Illustrator and click on the edge of one of the upper interior squares (in that area below “starting gate.” You will see that most of those squares are individual ones rather than being subtracted out of whatever you did to make the edge ones. I’m sure what you want is the spaces between those individual squares to be combined into that grid frame. I hope that makes sense.


I noticed that they are individual squares and I was hoping that there was a way to make them not as a joined square. I couldn’t find how to do that, so I’m still stuck.

Thank you for your response.

Fixed it for ya:

Horse Race Board Layout (795.7 KB)

What I did was clicked on each individual interior square in that lower area and grouped them. Then selected that group and brought to the front. Then clicked on the group and the grid frame you want to subtract it from and Pathfinder…Minus Front.


Jeez you make it sound easy. I still have lots to learn. Thank you very much for the help.

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