Problem with Copy and Paste

I loaded a design into the interface, made an outline and then an outline of the outline. I highlighted all of the design elements and hit ctrl+C and ctrl+V to copy and paste an exact replica of the design I had just created. I have done this literally thousands of times over the last year.

Tonight when I highlight the design and do a copy paste, the user interface is only copying one outline and the image instead of both outlines. I have deselected and reselected the design numerous times before I came to make a post and no matter what I highlight, it will only copy the image and 1 of the two outlines.

I’ve noticed other small glitches with the user interface as of lately too. Any fixes planned??

I am also having this problem. It started about 6 hours ago and the entire design is being semi-unresponsive, as if the glowforge server is lagging. I even tried loading different designs thinking the one I was working on had gotten somehow corrupted, and the same result occurred.

Hmm… I printed a short finish up cut and etch from last night, 23 mins long. Put my daughter to bed and came down to start a new project 20 mins later and now this. And its gotten worse since my first post. I can’t select anything on my interface. I can upload new stuff, but can’t move it once it is uploaded.

Now the laggy part, thats not new. I’ve had the lag issue for about a week now

Does GF Staff monitor this feed? Is there a way to bring it to their attention? Is there a place for just that purpose that I am unaware of?

I opened up an old project and cannot move anything around. It’s like the assets are stuck in place. Hopefully it’s just a glitch and they fix it quickly. Looks like i won’t be getting any work done tonight,

Same here, I was using it throughout the day with no problem so it appears to have started around 6pm Pacific Time for me.

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Sounds about right here too. I came back to start my job around 8pm mst. =/

I also cannot move any of my artwork. Unless I press back and it selects it. Even then that’s a hassle. I also have a client that I have to do work for and now cannot accomplish…

Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about the trouble.

We were experiencing a problem with the app that caused application degradation at the time of your report.

We’ve resolved the cause of the problem and you should be good to go now.

If you’re using the App, you may need to refresh your browser.

Warm regards,