Problem with design

I am trying to make a few of the Holiday Snow Globes that are available as a design.

The problem is that there is step that is supposed to be score, but is instead a cut.

The issue is part F3.

I have tried to adjust this step, but all I can do is enable or disable the step.

Thank you.

You should be able to change the step from a cut to a score. Can you show us a picture of the right side of the GFUI…showing the list of steps?

I have not actually printed it, but just looking at it in the GFUI, this does look like a design bug.

Here’s the part @gm3dsokolsw is having an issue with circled in blue in the GFUI and the instructions.

It looks like one line is supposed to be scored, but it is in the same color as all the cut lines. There’s no way to set that to score without scoring what should be cuts along with it.

@gm3dsokolsw good catch, you can use the “report this design” button in the catalog to let them know about the problem.

In the meantime, you can re-cut that one piece correctly to finish your project. Here’s how:

  1. Open part 1 of 3 of the design in your GF app. This is the board that contains that part.

  2. Select and delete all the parts other than F3 since you don’t want to reprint them.

  3. Double click on part F3 to enter “edit in group” mode. This will let you handle the individual shapes within the part separately.

  4. Click on the semicircle that’s supposed to be scored, right click and choose copy.

  5. Right click somewhere on the art board and select “Paste as new step”

  6. Click on the original semicircle again, and delete it.

  7. Click on the copy you pasted elsewhere to select it. Click the ruler icon at the bottom of the screen to open the Precision Position Tool. Enter the coordinates “3.022 in” for “X” and “2.738 in” for “Y” to position the semicircle where the one you deleted had been.

  8. In the left hand panel of the app where the steps are listed, you should have a new one you can change from cut to score.

  9. Print your project


Great instructions from @dan84 on how to fix this yourself.

I went ahead and reported the design so hopefully GF can fix it up.


Thank you all.

This is why I love this community.


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