Problem with Images

Ok, I can’t figure this out now. I have this svg. The code for it shows the imbedded image there but why doesn’t show up here or when I upload it to the Glowforge app.

In the attached file it should have a picture of my dog behind her name.

Little Butt On Table


This does not download as an svg for me.

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The forum software strips embedded raster images from SVG files. You can put it in a zip file for someone to take a look.

The GFUI des not, however.

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Here is a screen capture of illustrator

Zip file
Little Butt On (5.0 MB)

What app did you use to create that? Edit - nvm, I see you said Illustrator.

No image shows up in Inkscape nor the GFUI, but I see it is embedded into the SVG.

You might try loading the image into the UI separately from the text.

(doesn’t show up in a browser either, so it’s not a standard SVG format)

@eflyguy: Very odd. I see the image in Windows 10 Pro Inkscape 1.1 grouped with the blue lettering. But when I “Ungroup” the dog’s image either disappears or turns into a (smaller) black box—which cannot be selected! :sunglasses:

Well, the picture was edited in Photoshop and placed in Illustrator. Added some text exported at svg in illustrator
What makes no sense is I’ve created before and all of the sudden its not working right.

Other SVGs work just fine.

I’ve even tried taking off the lettering

It almost certainly has to be how it was exported from AI, but there are plenty of AI experts here.

For me, no image shows in the latest versions of Chrome, Safari or Firefox, nor in Inkscape 0.922 or 1.0.2.

Here’s what the file shows in a text editor…

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><svg xmlns="" width="3.25in" height="3.44in" xmlns:xlink="" viewBox="0 0 233.69 247.63"><defs><style>.c{fill:#0064ff;}</style></defs><g id="a"/><g id="b"><image transform="scale(.13)" xlink:href="

That’s definitely not an SVG file! :sunglasses:

Actually, it is, but the embedded image does not appear to be a standard format.

Makes no sense ANY new file I create with a picture is not working. Plain Text works

As stated, until an AI expert comes along, just import the text and the image separately - and align in the UI.

Thanks for trying everyone… I get this error when trying to open the same svg in illustrator

Clipping will be lost on roundtrip to Tiny. Seems like a problem with my picture


It’s not what you asked about but if I can offer an idea, I think the name looks better if you reduce the space between “N” and “o.”



I think your problem comes from how you’re exporting to SVG.

I assume you’re creating the file in Illustrator?
If you want to upload the .ai file I can have a look.

It makes no sense, Any file I try (even ones I have printed before) have errors in the svg when I try to load it back into Illustrator

Even zipped the ai file is too big

Here we go…The Zipped AI file (284.2 KB)