Problem with my machine

My machine is always cooling down… our basement is cold, i even have to wear jacket evertime i go there… my project which is a simple pass through keep stopping and not doing anything at all… i had to turn it off and waste my material and print again… its so frustrating… when its aligning, its not even showing the alignment
. So disappointing i cry everytime i print… theres always something with this machine… and its under two months old… :frow


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From your description, it sounds like either it needs to be relocated to a warmer location, or replaced.

Support can check the logs and see which might be best.

FWIW, I’ve never heard of anyone seeing a message saying the machine is too cold. I believe there is no such warning, and the machine just gives the same error either way.


Peek your head into your Glowforge, on the left side under the lid of the case.

You’ll see a white tank which holds the coolant that circulates through the laser tube, and the drag chain attached to the laser arm.

This chain can sometimes bump into the circled bundle of wires that include the temperature sensor for the coolant. If that sensor wire is bumped enough it can be worn through or disconnected from the plug, and then you’ll get spurious temperature-related pauses on your machine.

If it’s not damaged but is getting bumped when you roll the laser arm past it, you can push it back out of the way.


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I assume you have emailed Glowforge support regarding these problems as they don’t monitor the forum and won’t be able to help you unless they hear from you.


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