Problems downloading from noun project?

Has anyone else had problems downloading images from the noun project? In the past, when I click on an image the noun project UI would take me to a place to download the image. Over the past month or so, when I click on an image, nothing happens

For further troubleshooting, I’ve logged out and in, used different browsers, Chrome, Firefox, and IE, and tried a few different noun project accounts (my own and my husbands)

I have had good luck downloading from the noun project. After I download the image, I usually open it in Inkscape to review the image and often add it to another project. I then save the project in Inkscape and drag the file onto the Glowforge bed. I have never had the UI and the noun project interact with each other directly.

sorry - for clarification, I was referring to the noun project UI, not the GF UI. I normally download from the noun project, save to Illustrator (me) or inkscape (my husband), and then use that project to print through the GF UI.

Thanks for the info - have you downloaded from the noun project over the past month?

I just went to the noun project, searched images, selected one, chose basic download and downloaded an svg of an icon. Everything went smoothly.

thanks for trying! that is the exact experience I used to have. I just turned off the wifi on my phone and tried from there, and it seems to work. must be an issue with my internet set-up somehow…looking into that now.

If you haven’t already, clear your browser cache and cookies for that site. Restart the browser and try again. Also, try a different browser.

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