Problems emailing support

After receiving one email from bailey from, I have tried to reply several times and I keep getting rejection messages, telling me that I am spam. What gives?

You may need to try another email address. If you have a custom domain or your email domain has been flagged, spam filters will reject your email. Often the spam filter will send a notice to the recipient and give them a choice to release the email through the filter. You can choose to wait for this or you can try a commonly accepted domain, like gmail, if you haven’t already. GlowForge may also be able to assist through the forum.

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they said “get a custom domain and email, it makes you look more professional.”

“but you can’t use it, because then the robots will think you are just another robot.”



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Isn’t it @Rita now for Customer Success?


Thanks Mark - In general, fastest replies will come from, but if the emails aren’t getting through, putting my name here is a good idea!


That sounds really frustrating. I’m going searching to see if there’s anything I can do on my side!


If you use Google apps or Microsoft 365 and have spf set properly you won’t typically get flagged. If you’re running an email server from your personal internet connection you will get flagged.

Specifically, i have an email address granted to customers of my isp, the suffix. It is a newer email I’ve created to handle business related things. But rita has been able to address me through forum private messages, so all good.

For being the 5th largest u.s. cable company, i didn’t expect for the email suffix or mail server to be considered a spammer. We even made MSO of the year.