Problems on first Gift of Good Measure

Just finished this, and the outlines didn’t come out perfect, and the largest circle didn’t cut all the way through (mostly… had to pop it out). Might I have set something up wrong? Something need adjusting?

Nevermind! Cleaned all the lenses and we’re good now!


Just curious, were the lenses actually noticeably dirty? Was it self-inflicted (fingerprints) or something else?

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Actually they were not noticeably dirty. When I was first putting it together, I noticed I got a print on the side lens, and immediately cleaned it off. I was careful to not touch the ones on the bottom. So when I took the print head off to try cleaning again, I didn’t see any prints, but figured it wouldn’t hurt to clean 'em anyway, on the advice of someone in another group.

I suspect your lens was upside down… You got the orientation right the second time around.

I did not remove it. Just wiped it off externally.

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I’m sorry that you hit this snag, but I’m glad to hear cleaning and reseating the optics has allowed you to print correctly on your new Glowforge!

I’ll close this topic for now, but if you run into any additional trouble, please feel free to reach out to us directly at We’re here to help!