Problems ordering on GF shop page

I have tried several times to order material from the GF shop page. When I go to check out I get this error message. " Http 500 error. That’s odd the website can’t display this page". When I check the credit card used online the order will shop pending the never ships and the pending charge drops off after a couple days. Have email support 2 times about this over the past week. Of course no reply for them. Any ideas why this is happening continually ?

Could it be a browser issue? Have you tried purging your cache, or tried a different browser?

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I will! Apparently you are getting the order because charges are pending. Ohhh well.

Jeff Williams

@cynd11 is just a regular user/owner in the forum - not a Glowforge employee.

Also, this has been seen in the past when card information has expired (new card issues with new expiration date, etc.).

Aside from that, not sure. If that’s good, support will need to assist and they should be along shortly.

You’ll note the word “Staff” next to a staffmember’s name when they post. Similar to others’ tags “Owner” or “Regular.”

Thanks for reaching out about this. It sounds like our emails may not have reached you.

We’ve seen the pending charges, but, as you mention, they’re never captured and drop off your statement after several days. We’re investigating now, and will follow up with you via email. Since this has to deal with your account specifically, I’m going to close this thread.