Problems tonight?

Anyone having problems with the laser firing? It was working just fine and now the head is not firing and for whatever reason I can not adjust the material thickness which is very bazar

Laser not firing: I’ve had that happen when the next action was Engrave, and instead of one image there were actually two or more stacked right on each other (I didn’t clean up the file. If it will complete the job with all Engrave operations set to Ignore, then you can narrow down the likely file errors.

Try backing out of the current job file and refreshing your browser (or empty the cache if it’s not done automatically). If it happens often, I would quit the browser as well, then open it again. That is what fixes it for me.

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Hi there - I see we’ve already been in touch with you on this issue via the email you’d sent in, so I’m going to go ahead and close this topic for now. Please let us know via that email if you have any additional questions!