Problems with connectivity between Glowforge - PC - Internet / Router

I have set up my Glowforge according to the instructions, all the way through to seeing the setup complete page.
However, when I proceeded to print the gift of good measure key-chain; having selected the image, and seeing the camera view of the print material on screen, along with the artwork, which I had moved to the top left-hand corner, a message popped up saying…

"Ready for Wi-Fi setup! Visit to switch Wi-Fi networks or reboot your machine to keep using the same network".

I selected the link, but it appears that when the Glowforge Wi-Fi connects to my PC, the Internet connection from the router is immediately disconnected, and when I reconnect the router Internet connection, the Glowforge Wi-Fi is disconnected.

I’ve been going round and round in circles, for hours, but cannot fathom what is causing this issue.

Am I missing something very obvious?

That is weird, do you have a dual band router?

I’m going to assume support has been communicating with you through email… @Rita?

Yes… truly weird, but equally weird, was that without seeming to have done anything different than on all the other times, it suddenly worked correctly.
Have been so busy since, experimenting.

Many thanks.


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Hmm, sometimes it does - sometimes it doesn’t suggests WIFi connectivity to me…

I’m so sorry it took us so long to get back to you! The experience you’re describing with Wi-Fi setup itself sounds correct - the Glowforge Wi-Fi signal is only used in steps during the initial Wi-Fi setup before you associate your network with the machine, so you can expect it to disconnect when you choose your preferred network. I’d like to take a closer look into why you’re receiving this message. Could you please send me a screenshot of what this message looks like when you see it? If you could also let me know the date and time it appeared, I’d appreciate that as well. Thanks!

It happened again yesterday… totally random, but before I received your message.
In the event that it happens again, I will do as you have requested.

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