Problems with cut being a little off

We have a pretty complex ornament that has about 9 to 10 minutes of scoring. One the software, even blown up, the cut line forms a perfect circle around the circle scored. We recalibrated last night and cut a couple. It seemed to work fine. Did a sheet today and by the end everything on the bottom and the right was off. The cuts are moved over relative the the scores making it unusable. Any ideas how to remedy this? I really need everything to stay aligned like the file. We score everything first then cut if that matters. Cleaned all lenses, checked the crumb tray for level, pinned down the materials, ran the calibration tests and realigned. Thanks!

Pictures of good prints and some of the bad will help support see what’s going on. Maybe even some of us other users can throw ideas out. Drifting alignment makes me think possibly belts.

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Oh no! I’m sorry you’ve hit a snag. To investigate further, could you provide us with a photo of the print that didn’t turn out as expected? Please also include the approximate date and time of the print in question.

We’re going to need some additional information from you. I’m going to close this post and we’ll work on it via email!